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How to Earn with Bet Mining

SX Bet gives away 150,000 SX every week!

Bet Mining is simply the process of earning SX Tokens as you bet on SX Bet. There’s no sign-up required, you automatically earn SX simply by betting on SX Bet. This article will explain how this process works so that you have all the info you need to be able to earn SX!

Each week, 150,000 SX is awarded to bettors. Each time you win, you earn SX tokens. The amount of SX tokens given is relative to the total winnings that week. Your winnings for the week are calculated by adding up the profits (return - stake) for every bet. Losing a bet does not decrease your winnings. SX tokens are automatically staked in your account.

Watch the video below to learn more:

Our mission at SX Bet is to become the most active sports betting platform in the world. We plan on doing that by eliminating the traditional conflict of interest that exists on traditional sports betting platforms by creating the world’s first community owned betting platform.

Community ownership is key, but liquidity and being a low-cost destination for bettors is also extremely important. There is a network effect with liquidity, and so the more liquidity and activity there is on SX Bet, the better the platform is to use for the next bettor, and so on. Bet mining not only rewards SX Bet users with SX, it increases activity on the platform.

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