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Breaking down why the smartest sports bettors in crypto are using instead of Rollbit.

Better Payout

Well this one is obvious…

SX has no limits, the best odds/payouts, and never bans winners. Rollbit has low limits, bad to average odds/payouts and bans winning bettors.

Best Props

Ditch the limits and bans and get the best odds in the game. Check out our massive selection of Super Bowl prop markets; from the opening kickoff and coin toss to predicting the Super Bowl MVP and more, we’ve got you covered. Check out our full Super Bowl prop betting guide here.


SX Bet is 100% non-custodial and on-chain.

  • Create an email wallet through SX Bet or connect your favourite wallet and bet confidently know that you are always in control of your funds.

  • Every single is on chain and goes through SX Network’s audited smart contract that to date has processed over $400,000,000 in transactions

Rollbit is custodial and centralized.

  • Every deposit on Rollbit is sent to their team’s crypto wallet which they have full control over. Not your keys, not your crypto.

  • Bets on Rollbit are placed on their centralized servers with no transparency, none of their bets are available on a blockchain.

SX Network Rewards?

With every bet on SX you earn a share of our weekly SX airdrop through bet mining.

But also there a host of other projects building on SX Network that have teased (not financial advice) airdrops based on usage. Just saying it’s a good time to bet on the Super Bowl with SX

About SX

SX Bet is the #1 blockchain sports betting platform by betting volume across all chains. All bets are peer-to-peer and settled on-chain. SX lets you get the best odds when you bet on sports with crypto, all from the security of your own wallet. SX has processed +$400,000,000 in betting volume. SX Bet is not available in the United States or other prohibited jurisdictions.

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