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API3 Launches on SX Network

We are pleased to announce that API3 QRNG, Web3’s only Quantum RNG service, is deploying on SX Network. This integration means that developers tapping into the SX Network protocol are able to utilize true, quantumly generated, randomness within their smart contracts. This partnership will allow us to incorporate QRNG's advanced algorithms into our platform, ensuring the highest level of security and fairness for our users.

To strengthen the partnership between SX Bet and API3, SX will provide the top 300 stakers of API3 token $50 USDC in bet credits.

Stakers of API3 token can claim their bet credits on SX Bet within the next 48-72 hours. Any questions or support please reach out in our Discord channel. Stakers must connect to SX Bet with the Metamask wallet that contains their API3 token which can be checked here.

Tutorial videos can be viewed here. Not available to residents within the U.S.

Extending QRNG to SX Network will enable the following:

  • Prediction Markets: For games of chance, where financial incentives serve as a reward for correct wagers, players can partake knowing developers are utilizing a tamper-proof generation to maintain fair odds.

QRNG uses quantum fluctuations to provide developers with a source of truly random data, compared to the pseudorandom numbers provided by other blockchain RNG services. To further expand accessibility for all developers and dapps, API3 has deployed QRNG as a public good. Consumers will only pay the gas fees needed to use the service, and will not face any additional premium payments for random number generation.

API3 QRNG is provided by QuintessenceLabs. Based in Australia, QuintessenceLabs is a global leader in quantum cybersecurity, recognized for its advanced quantum-resilient data protection capabilities, working with companies like Microsoft, Raytheon, and JP Morgan

With this integration, SX Network can further support partner projects with the following use cases:

  • Gaming: Metaverse, play-to-earn, and community-building games on the blockchain heavily rely on continuous random number generation to keep operations unpredictable and exciting for players. For multiplayer games that must produce random encounters or surprise events to increase difficulty, reliable and cost-effective random number generation plays a large role in success.

  • NFTs and Generative Art: Randomly distributing assets comes to life in an artistic format when developing generative NFTs — resulting in a collection of dynamic digital assets developed through the organically unpredictable quantum process, compared to the manufactured nature of pseudorandom computer algorithms. For those working on numerous collections, turning to a free randomness generator unconstrains creativity.

  • Participatory Processes: Web3 applications that involve public participation, such as random token distribution or drawn winners, can leverage a random number generator to ensure a truly fair assignment process of high-demand items without bias.

About SX Network

SX Network combines smart contracts with an on-chain treasury and prediction market protocol. SX Network is perfect for developers with EVM-compatibility, low-cost transactions, and PoS-based consensus. SX Bet is the #1 prediction market dapp by betting volume across all chains. All bets are peer-to-peer and settled on-chain. SX Bet has processed +$270,000,000 in betting volume.

About API3

The API3 Foundation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) leading the movement from legacy third-party oracle networks to first-party oracle solutions that deliver more security, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Powered by Airnode first-party oracles, API3’s Decentralized APIs (dAPIs) are decentrally controlled and blockchain-native data feeds with quantifiable security.

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