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Tired of getting limited, banned, or not securing the volume you desire at the odds you want? You're in the right place. Welcome to SX Bet OTC, where your betting aspirations meet no boundaries.

Receive superior odds and the capacity to place larger bets than anywhere else. Ready to revolutionize your betting experience? Connect with our support team for a dedicated brokerage chat, ensuring you access the best odds with zero risk of bans. Enjoy the flexibility of betting in the widely popular USDC or Ethereum tokens.

Sport Stadium

Where Winners Bet.
No Bans. No Limits.

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Welcome to SX OTC


Get the Best Odds

Stop taking bad odds and getting limited. Get the best odds in the game at the size you want.


Bet Big, Bet Bold

Request bets from $1,000 to $75,000+ — get unparalleled liquidity on any game tailored to your wager size.


Proven Excellence

Over $500M in bets processed; SX Bet is the world's largest crypto betting exchange.



Enjoy security and convenience. Bet and receive payouts directly to your wallet, funds always remain in your control.


Zero-Cost Quotes

Request a bet quote and we're on it at no cost. Are you a marker maker? We also have free API access. 

How it Works

Fill out the form to get started. Our team will contact you via telegram chat. Request a bet over $1000 USDC and we will get to work. 


We also support onboarding, funding, staking, and API access. 

Contact us at

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Where Winners Bet.
No Bans. No Limits.

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