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Earn 35% Lifetime Commisions

Our high retention shows that bettors love our brand. Help shape the future of betting while earning competitive commissions. 

SX Bett offers Daily Payouts.


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SX Bet Affiliate Earn Crypto

Wide range of markets


Become an SX Bet Affiliate and Start Earning

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Watch the step-by-step guide on how to become an SX Bet Affiliate. If you have questions please contact


  • Am I eligible to become an SX Bet Affiliate?
    Check out our Terms of Service for more information. Similar to SX Bet, SX Bet Affiliate is not available in the United States.
  • When do I get paid, and where?
    You get paid daily and funds are sent right to your MetaMask wallet address.
  • What currency am I paid in?
    You are paid in whatever currency your referred bettor bet in. Currently users can bet in ETH, USDC or SX. You can check your dashboard to confirm which currencies will be earned.
  • Where can I find support?
    Email us at
  • Wallet Privacy
    We recommend you create a separate MetaMask wallet address specifically for your affiliate link.
  • How do I know when I've been approved?
    You will receive and email from us with confirmation. Be sure to refresh your link within 48-72 hrs of your application.
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